• Escape From Devil's Ridge

    Escape From Devil's Ridge

    After a gruesome car crash, a group of strangers are stranded on an isolated mountain. But this mountain is no camping trip. As they struggle to survive blood-sucking bugs, giant snakes, flash floods, they realize the most dangerous threat on the mountain might be the others who

    Genre(s): Action, Drama, Horror

    Updated Time: Oct 24, 6000

  • Why The Princess Acts Like White Lotus

    Why The Princess Acts Like White Lotus

    Xiao Aiai found her boyfriend cheat on her when the day her mother died. She sweared that she would be the white lotus (girls who win boys' love by acting innocent) in her next life. Rumble! A thunderstorm struck her and when she woke up again… Where am I?! I want to be a white lotus! Wish accomplished.

    Genre(s): Comedy, Historical, Romance

    Updated Time: Oct 13, 2021