• Uso Ka Makoto Ka

    Uso Ka Makoto Ka

    One day, Taiyou, a popular guy because of his good looks, was asked by a senior student at his part-time job to take care of his cousin, Tsukihiko, who is attending the same university as Taiyou. However, Tsukihiko is rude to him from the beginning to the end, Taiyou still tries to be lenient towards him, but on the inside, he\'s on the verge of exploding because of him! Suddenly, Tsukihiko confessed his feelings to Taiyou and took him to an empty classroom where he made his move…!


    Updated Time: Jan 15, 2023

  • Ookami-sama no Koiwazurai

    Ookami-sama no Koiwazurai

    A world where humans and beastmen co-exist. Wolf-type beastman Haine falls for Natsuo despite thinking little of \"humans\" and ends up kissing him. The more he gets to know Natsuo, the more he wants to make him his, so Haine, having come to like someone seriously for the first time, starts pursuing him aggressively?!

    Genre(s): Romance, Supernatural

    Updated Time: Feb 23, 2022

  • Kasenjiki RomiJuri Kousou Kyoku

    Kasenjiki RomiJuri Kousou Kyoku

    [Dog x Monkey + Cat = Love Bomb!?] Juri, a 2nd Year at Inugashira High, has a daily routine: to feed the super-surly cat that lives down by the riverside. One day, when going to the riverside as usual, he encounters the cat in the arms of a man. Hiromi, a 2nd Year at Sarutou High, starts up a conversation with Juri, his bright, smiling face never wavering while playing with the cat. "Ba-thump!" At that moment, a warmth that Juri had never felt before took root in his chest! However, in reality, Inugashira and Sarutou are two rival schools filled with delinquents that have been fighting for years! Just like dogs and monkeys, the leaders of both sides constantly face-off and fuel them with the urge to fight. Juri spends his time with Hiromi without revealing his identity, but that tiny feeling in his chest is growing constantly to the point it's...uncontrollable?? How will this pure Yankee, Romeo and Juliet-style BL turn out?!

    Genre(s): Yaoi

    Updated Time: Dec 22, 2022

  • Horeta Otoko wa Shin'yuu de

    Horeta Otoko wa Shin'yuu de

    “So this is what you’ve become? Not that I care though.” Yoichi and Shige have been best friends since elementary school. Yoichi used to like Shige but he decided to forget about it in order to stay friends. However, their relationship completely changed after Shige shockingly said “Hey Yoichi, let me taste your dick?” In the blink of an eye, it was inside Shige’s mouth?! He was supposed to have given up but his body and mind were provoked by a very passionate fellatio. An unexpected sound that came out ignited Shige’s greed and caused things to escalate?! An abandoned first love rekindled and a possessive reckless love between two best friends!

    Genre(s): Comedy

    Updated Time: Apr 12, 2022

  • bros


    A cute little brother suddenly became a beast. \"Little brother, don\'t you have something to tell me?\" \"You\'re one to talk!\" Yusuke and Tokio are brothers living together in their parents\' house during their absence. One night they have an unexpected encounter in the city, and their secret is revealed: Yusuke is gay, and Tokio is bi. Even though it was a choking discovery, Yusuke keeps trying to play the good older brother role, while the younger brother Tokio can\'t see him with the same eyes anymore. The love battle between a poker face brother and another that has a soft spot for bad men begins!

    Genre(s): Incest

    Updated Time: Feb 25, 2023

  • Outcasts Bound By Fate

    Outcasts Bound By Fate

    Kazusa, an exorcist gifted with strong spiritual powers, is spirited away by a Crow Tengu on his way back from a case. Nagi\'s brilliant white feathers brand him an outcast from his people, but he has a plan: become stronger by siphoning the essence of a powerful exorcist... through the bond of sex.

    Genre(s): Fantasy

    Updated Time: Apr 30, 2023

  • Love-Shower for the Twisted Flower

    Love-Shower for the Twisted Flower

    When Kyousuke was heartbroken and getting drunk at a bar, he was invited by the refreshingly handsome Touma, and they ended up spending the night together in a drunken mood. However, the next morning, Touma confessed that he\'s been watching Kyousuke for a long time. Knowing that Touma is younger than him, Kyousuke, who likes older men, ran away from the place. But no matter how many times he rejected, Touma continued to show his straightforward love, and drove Kyousuke crazy.

    Genre(s): Romance

    Updated Time: Mar 11, 2023