• The President's Contract Lover

    The President's Contract Lover

    She’s a poor orphan girl leading a rough life, yet why does the President give her special treatment? What mysterious past lies behind the President’s stony demeanor?

    Genre(s): Romance

    Updated Time: 24 hours ago

  • Hands Off, Evil Dragon!

    Hands Off, Evil Dragon!

    Legend has it that the Yan River's Dragon King demands the sacrifice of a young beauty every year. This time I, Cui Su, swear that I will rid him once and for all. However, why are things not turning out the way I expect them to? How did I end up cross dressing and becoming the dragon king's bride?

    Genre(s): Romance

    Updated Time: 45 minutes ago

  • Wicked Warlord Hubby: Conquering You

    Wicked Warlord Hubby: Conquering You

    To get out of her marriage, the owner of a nightclub plays dumb and fakes her ugliness. Who knew she\'d catch the eye of her husband\'s uncle, a notorious warlord? Driven by his desire for her, the bloodthirsty general poached his nephew\'s bride. From then on, she\'s been the apple of his eye. Nothing is more important than my wife, he proclaimed. She belongs to me and no one else. Screen reader support enabled.

    Genre(s): Romance

    Updated Time: Oct 13, 2021

  • Transmigrated Into the Fox King’s Adored Wife

    Transmigrated Into the Fox King’s Adored Wife

    Transmigrating into the Fox King\'s true love one morning, Su Raner wanted nothing more than to cultivate and return to Earth as soon as possible. Who would have expected that she would have to deal with a horribly shameless Fox King as a husband? Wherever she goes, he follows. And what is with his chasing her to the end of the world attitude? Watch as this thousand year-old Snowy Fox King turns into a wife-protecting madman. No one can stand between him and his love, not even God!

    Genre(s): Fantasy

    Updated Time: Oct 11, 2021

  • Satan's Bride

    Satan's Bride

    Ye Ziqi—the genius daughter of a family specialised in all things paranormal—was cursed with the ability to see spirits from birth. She thought she was doomed to the cruel fate of the family curse and would die after celebrating her 18th birthday, but suddenly, a man showed up and called himself her fiance. Who could have guessed her loving fiance’s true identity would turn out to be Satan himself! A series of incredible events then occurred, leading to the discovery of a love that spanned three generations, and an even bigger conspiracy! The Three Realms were in turmoil, engaged in open warfare and veiled strife, how could the two of them hold each other through it all?

    Genre(s): Fantasy

    Updated Time: Oct 16, 2021

  • Do Not Mess With the General’s Wife

    Do Not Mess With the General’s Wife

    Lin Manyu did not expect her widely-envied marriage with the Long family to be the harbinger of great misfortune and the death of 50 lives. Hidden amongst the dead bodies, she clenched her jaw and swore to fight her Long fiance to the death! Death of the Lin family\'s delicate daughter came with cut hair and a bound chest. In its place now stands Lin Manchou. Born in chaos, I live with one desire. I will take revenge, or never be reincarnated as human again! Prepare to die, Long Qi!

    Genre(s): Official colored, Romance, Comedy, Office workers, Police

    Updated Time: Oct 23, 6000