• Kill the Lights (Novel)

    Kill the Lights (Novel)

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    Genre(s): Action, Comedy, Drama, Supernatural, Romance, Mature, Smut, Yaoi

    Updated Time: Jun 03, 2023

  • Every Villain Is Lemons

    Every Villain Is Lemons

    Pete Mack, a natural born nerd, and a CIA agent who focuses mainly on internal missions. One day he is assigned to a mission which is believed to determine the outcome of World War iii. During the mission he meets Linus Sweeney, a handsome genius who broke his heart 8 years ago. Pete must suppress his past feelings so he can chase him around the world to secure a dangerous weapon in which Linus developed. The issue is every time Linus approaches him he whispers sweet words into his ear, which makes Pete's heart race…

    Genre(s): Erotica

    Updated Time: Mar 11, 2023

  • Deep Throat

    Deep Throat

    Han Garam used to be at the top of the world as the youngest member of an idol group. After his mandatory military service was over, he auditioned for a singing show in order to become a singer once again. But he runs into his old middle school classmate, Gang Su-Won, turned director of CN Media. Once the closest of friends, their relationship eventually turned sour. Gang Suwon offers Garam a deal, telling him that he must accept in order to stay afloat amongst his competition. Garam eventually decides to accept his deal, but…

    Genre(s): Sexual Violence, Web comic, Adaptation

    Updated Time: Jun 18, 2022