• Zenbu Bukkowasu

    Zenbu Bukkowasu

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    Genre(s): Comedy, Shounen, Supernatural, Slice Of Life

    Updated Time: Nov 24, 2022

  • Tsutsunuke Kemomi

    Tsutsunuke Kemomi

    Kamimizo is a high school student who has animal-like ears, which are not visible to anyone else except her. These ears also come with the unique ability of being able to listen to other people's heartbeats. These heartbeats may increase due to various factors, such as exercising, getting surprised, and of course, being in love. Naturally, Kamimizo has to endure hearing the excitement of love every single day in high school. However, her heartbeat also increases due to one specific person: Samukawa, her childhood friend. Despite this, she was not the one who's heartbeat increased first... (Source: MyAnimeList)

    Genre(s): Romance

    Updated Time: Jan 20, 2021

  • Destroy Everything

    Destroy Everything

    After a fierce battle, the Goddess of Destruction and the hero hit each other and were destroyed…… Time passes, and the Goddess of Destruction resurrected as a high school girl in the present day. For some reason, her twin brother is a hero who resurrected before her?! A new sensation of mysterious destruction family comedy begins proudly……!!

    Genre(s): Comedy, Slice Of Life, Supernatural

    Updated Time: Jul 08, 2022