• What's Wrong with Secretary Kim

    What's Wrong with Secretary Kim

    Handsome, loaded, and arrogant Youngjoon is the VP of a major corporation. Miso has been his perfect secretary, practically legend for surviving her narcissistic boss for 9 long years. But now that she?s quitting, is there really nothing -- or no one -- that can stop her from walking away? Based on the original hit novels by Jeong Gyeong Yun, and now adapted into a Korean TV drama (airing June 2018). Source: TappyToon Italian L'arrogante, bello e straricco Youngjoon è il Vice Presidente di un'importante società. Miso è stata la sua perfetta segretaria, considerata una leggenda per essere sopravvissuta al suo capo narcisista per 9 lunghi anni. Ma ora che ha deciso di mollare, non c'è davvero niente - o nessuno - che possa impedirle di andarsene? Basato sui romanzi originali di Jeong Gyeong Yun ed ora adattato ad un drama televisivo coreano (in onda nel Giugno 2018).

    Genre(s): Manhwa, Webtoons, Josei, Romance, Comedy

    Updated Time: Nov 28, 2019

  • 1/24 Romance

    1/24 Romance

    Promoted at the speed of light, the star of JK Electronics, the ultimate career woman, yet always forever alone Cha Ju An! Kind, honest, full of vitality, and with the looks and physique to rival model, yet bumbling fool Yoo Do Jin! With such different personalities, one day these two… #suddenly #withoutwarning #during #officehours switched souls?!!! Due to this switch, their lives are made a mess!! But what is the reason for this switch? And that reason is to match these two up by force! By the same author as What's Wrong with Secretary Kim.

    Genre(s): Comedy, Romance

    Updated Time: Dec 29, 2023