Ultra sensitive body doesn't listen anymore!!! The game(?) of robbing and being robbed between rich presidents family which owns a sensitive body and the poor people which only has body begins!

    Genre(s): Drama, Mature, Webtoons

    Updated Time: Mar 19, 2017

  • Weak Point

    Weak Point

    Kim Dongjin works at a law firm as a contracted employee. He dislikes Yoo Serin, the youngest lawyer at the law firm because she neglected his case. She is much younger than him, isn't cheap, and because of their difference in status, he is stuck. Then, by chance, he discovered Serin's weakness, and their relationship turned 180 degrees...

    Genre(s): Drama, Full color, Harem, Long strip, Office workers, Romance, Web comic, Webtoon

    Updated Time: Nov 21, 2019