Shinichi Kudo is a high-school student who, by using observation and deduction, is good at solving mysteries. While investigating one, he is caught by the criminals that he was watching and forced to take an experimental drug. Leaving him for dead, the criminals disappear. Instead of killing him, however, the drug turns Shinichi into a little kid.

    To preserve the illusion of his 'disappearance,' Shinichi adopts a new name based on his favorite author (Arthur Conan Doyle) and becomes Conan Edogawa. Ran, his (actually Shinichi's) childhood friend takes this little boy under her wing and brings him to her home. Conan now lives at a detective agency run by Ran's father, but his mind is as keen as ever and he continues to solve mysteries... always allowing Ran's father to take all the credit.

    As far as everyone's concerned, Conan is just a little kid anyway... even to Ran. This is *extremely* frustrating to Conan since nobody will listen to a 'little boy.' Despite this, Conan has a mission... to find the criminals who did this to him and get the antidote to that drug.

    Genre(s): Adventure, Comedy, Mystery, Romance, School Life, Shounen

    Updated Time: Aug 10, 2019



    Tell Me A Lie is about a girl, Terumi Arai, who has the ability to read a person's mind when she is looking into their eyes.

    Genre(s): Comedy, One Shot, School Life, Seinen, Supernatural

    Updated Time: Oct 21, 2016



    [From Toriyama's World]:

    Yaiba's whole life has been spent training to be a samurai and he doesn't know about anything else, not even girls. When he returns to Japan, a pair of cursed swords makes life even more exciting... and hilarious.

    Note: Starting at chapter 80, EMS Team started using bunko scans, so the voluming numbering is a little different.

    Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Shounen

    Updated Time: Apr 19, 2019



    Teenage magician Kaito Kuroba has a secret identity: that of Kaitou KID, a famous internationally-known and wanted "phantom thief". Kaito took the identity after one day discovering that his late father was the original Kaitou KID. Later on, he discovers his father, who died from an 'accident' during a magic trick, was really murdered because he would not steal the jewel Pandora for an evil organization. As Kaitou KID, Kaito tries to find Pandora before that organization that killed his father do, and destroy it, leading Inspector Nakamori and his task force on the wildest jewel heists imaginable!

    Genre(s): Adventure, Comedy, Mystery, Romance, School Life, Shounen

    Updated Time: May 17, 2017



    The original collection of Aoyama's short stories. Ranging from sci-fi to romance, and the right out wacky, these stories are a must read for any fan of his other works!

    Chapter 1 - Detective George's Mini Huge Cases: Calling on the Great Detective!

    Chapter 2 - Detective George's Mini Huge Cases: The Monster of the Ice Country

    第3話/探偵ジョージのミニミニ大作戦・I AM A DENTIST
    Chapter 3 - Detective George's Mini Huge Cases: I Am A Dentist

    第4話/プレイ イット アゲイン
    Chapter 4 - Play It Again

    Chapter 5 - Excalibur

    Chapter 6 - Santa Claus of the Summer

    Chapter 7 - Wait for A Little While

    Chapter 8 - The Wandering Red Butterfly
    Proof that Tell Me A Lie wasn't his only 6 page work, in this one a "detective" must follow clues left by his date to meet her in time.

    Genre(s): Action, Mystery, Romance, Sci-fi, Shounen

    Updated Time: Jul 03, 2019

  • 3rd Base 4th

    3rd Base 4th

    Shigeo Nagashima plays for his school, Kohnan's, baseball team. However he isn't a very good player. One day, he walks into a mysterious store where he buys a baseball bat. Little does he know that the bat is in fact magical. It enables him to hit every pitch, but on one condition: everytime he uses it, he has to pay money to the mysterious store.Kohnan's team reaches the championship game, where they face another school, Ougane. On the opposing team is Kazuhisa Inao, who has a baseball glove that is also magical, and can throw the fastest pitches. Like Shigeo, he must also pay for this. But, unlike Shigeo (who has to work very hard for every yen), Kazuhisa can afford this cost. (Source: Wikipedia)

    Genre(s): Shounen, Sports

    Updated Time: Jan 03, 2018